Our Issue With "Candid" Wedding Video Companies

Our Issue With "Candid" Wedding Video Companies

Our Issue With "Candid" Vancouver Wedding Videographers is they aren't really Candid at all! More often than not you'll be putting your shoes on 3-4 different times as 3 people with cameras (and matching polos) try desperately to get the best angle of your little brother awkwardly touching your feet for the first time in 20 years.

Adopt Don't Shop: A Love Letter to the Montréal SPCA

A love letter to the Montréal SPCA

By Elena Samuel

February 1st, 2019


This is Wallace. He reminds me of a cream puff.

He’s small, he’s round, he’s both golden AND fluffy white, but most of all he’s the sweetest little treat to have around! The MAIN difference between the dessert and the cat is where they came from. I can get profiteroles at the superstore, but Wallace? I got him for 75 dollars at the Montréal SPCA.

It was Autumn 2015 and I had reached the point in my last year of University where a phone call in the middle of class was no longer an embarrassment for fear of making the professor dislike you, but a golden opportunity to escape the aural confines of my peers’ textbook regurgitations. Wallace was a compassionate adoption, for being a 5 year old cat who already had 5 teeth pulled at the time, hence the $75 adoption fee, and when I met him he was drunk on sedatives and feeling flirty. We were an instant fit and I am so thankful to have such a sweet cat in my life.

Although it may seem like I’m just a wedding photographer, I feel the pull to use my craft to spread awareness for causes that I’m passionate about. I also want any excuse to share how his summer hair cut makes him look like a skinny chicken. I took this energy to the streets of Montréal to take portraits of other adoption advocates. Read on to hear their heartwarming adoption stories!


Caroline + Melman

“Both Charbonne and Melman are rescued cats: the first was a little kitten given to anybody by a person who was just getting rid of her, the second was a nice healthy 1 year-old indoor cat found outside by the SPCA. Charbonne is a real beauty that wouldn’t hurt anyone, and Melman is without a doubt the best cat ever. 9 years later, I still don’t get why they were abandoned, but I know that these two didn’t deserve to end in a shelter.”


Sami + Po

“Poe reminds us everyday how lucky we are to have found him, he makes every day a little brighter and filled with love. I hate to think what would have happened to him if his mom hadn’t been taken off the street. It reminds me how important it is to neuter/spay your pets as the street cat issue in Montréal is growing.”


Laura + Puff

“Puff was nervous and quite suspicious of me at first, but over the past two years I’ve gained her trust and she has become the sweetest cat and a perfect companion. Many cats up for adoption are in very precarious situations (Puff was not - her previous human had developed an allergy), so I would urge everyone to strongly consider adoption if they are looking for a pet.”


Tamara + Ushi

Tamara is an avid academic and didn’t have time to write a bio because she’s out there saving the world in other ways! Ushi and Tamara have been cuddle partners for a few years. Cats are wonderful low energy pets for students, academics and anyone who likes time alone to read or to be with their thoughts - cats make great sponges for stress and anxiety.

SUshi’s story

*WARNING* graphic content






Sushi is the softest little pirate.

We adopted sushi in July 2018 because we felt Wallace needed a buddy. He went from living in a house with a yard and 4 adults, another cat and a new puppy to living in our one room loft as a lonely prince. While we mostly work from home, in the summer time we have long wedding photography and videography contracts so the beginning of Summer was the perfect time to find Wallace a playmate. I found sushi at the Montréal SPCA’s petfinder page, set up an appointment to visit her and her foster parents, and the next day I instantly fell in love! Within a couple weeks she was bossing Wallace around and they were frolicking and wrestling together like best friends. Wallace has a pep in his step now and sleeps better because of all the exercise he’s getting with sushi - a win win! We are so thankful for organizations like the Montréal SPCA for giving us the opportunity to welcome these two fluffballs into our lives, and for the work they do all over the city for the greater good of animals and humans alike.

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Mini Doc: Mike McKenna Jr.

Mini Doc: Mike McKenna Jr.

Take a peek into the life of Folk artist, maritime history buff, and marijuana advocate Mike Mckenna jr.

A mini documentary is a beautiful way for your listeners to get an intimate look into your artistic process, and show your unique personality. It’s an essential for any musician’s Electronic press kit. Your best life shows you in your best light with honest and candid musician videography.

Autumn Is Engagement Season


Fall Foliage, Sweaters, and Engagement Rings

Candid, genuine Wedding and Engagement photography.

Throwback to the first warm days in June, the trees were fresh and lush after a wet spring, and there was green poking out of every crevasse of the recently hibernated city - taking full advantage of the few Montreal months of warm weather and sunshine. Savannah and Mike, both writers and lovers of art were just recently engaged when they contacted me to shoot their engagement session in our shared neighborhood of Saint-Henri, in Montreal.

I hardly had to give these two any direction - the way they looked at each other was all I needed.

I hardly had to give these two any direction - the way they looked at each other was all I needed.


Attire on point

These two were an aesthetic dream, both artistically minded,
their outfit choices matched the urban forest vibe of our engagement
shoot. Mike is in a band as well as being a writer, therefore his minimal
but hip all black down to his vans sneakers was a perfect reflection
of his quiet but fun personality. Savannah’s natural blonde highlights were
stunning in the early evening sunset, and she paired her lovely locks with a
fun summer floral dress, in black which matched Mike perfectly.
As a wedding and engagement photographer in Montreal, I get to see so many
fun personalities reflected in my client’s outfits - it’s such a treat when
the couple plans ahead for our session with matching outfits! When the couple
is this fabulous sometimes I forget I’m shooting an engagement session
and not a couple of pro models

What’s next?

Summer is over, the leaves are romantic shades of red and yellow,
and people are snuggling up for the winter. Some blessed folks are
making big decisions about the one they’ll spend the rest of their lives with.
An engagement photoshoot is special, and it’s the perfect way to beautifully
present your big news to friends and family, and to capture your love and excitement
so you can look back on these early moments for years to come.
In Autumn, Montreal is the most beautiful backdrop for a romantic engagement
photography session - accompanied with Elena’s vintage and simple
editing style, the aesthetic can’t be beat.

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