1. the state of being happy.

    "they struggled to find happiness in their lives until they found each other"


Your Best Life is a company founded on one simple truth: there is no wrong way, but there is a right way. Put simply - we offer the best product at the lowest cost to you, your family or your organization. 

We met as two musicians in Montréal, each looking for a friend to talk to. Now, years later, we are a photo/video company focused on making sure we capture you, living your absolute best life. We live simply, and we pursue many ventures, one of which is Wedding documentation at a price point & delivery speed that is unbeatable. The reason we can offer such affordable prices? We don’t spend extra money on things that you guys don’t need. No fancy studio, minimal gear & set up with all of our shooting & editing happening in house, by us.

(Here’s us 3 years ago, when we first started playing music together!)