1. the state of being happy.

    "she struggled to find happiness in her life"


Your Best Life is a company founded on one simple truth: there is no wrong way, but there is a right way. Put simply - we offer the best product at the lowest cost to you, your family or your organization. 

Jesse has been a sought after videographer in Montréal for 7 years, keeping a steady client base with zero advertising, simply through honest, and high quality photography and videography. He specializes in cutting edge video editing, backed up by cinematic but candid (unposed) shooting technique, and in being a warm and comforting presence. He also is a wizard with graphic design, web design and branding consultation.

Elena was trained by Jesse two years ago and has been an asset in content creation ever since. Elena truly started out with her dad’s camcorder camera at age 8 - creating horror movies in her back yard. With Jesse’s guidance she has honed her vision into photography that manipulates natural directional light to tell the subject’s story and to show their natural beauty and humanity.