Mini Doc: Mike McKenna Jr.

Mini Documentary: Mike Mckenna Jr


Take a peek into the life of Folk artist, maritime history buff, and marijuana advocate Mike Mckenna jr.

a mini documentary is a beautiful way for your listeners to get an intimate look into your artistic process, and show your unique personality. It’s an essential for any musician’s Electronic press kit.

On a wintery Wednesday in March 2017, Mike was off on the snowy roads with his pal, and local Montreal videographer Jesse Daniel Smith, to track a few tunes. For Mike’s Factor Canada grant requirements, high quality and personalized visual content was essential. Oftentimes music videography is more about the videographer’s vision than showing the artist’s personality and story, which is why for our video shoots we choose to remain as candid and invisible as possible. Jesse and Mike had a great recording session and chill session while Jesse shot intermittently, with both iphone footage and his Sony camera, the most beautiful moments were simply Mike being himself and doing his thing!

Mini documentaries can be virtually anything you feel that honestly represents your brand. We specialize in honest and creative music videography. If you like what you see here, check out our musician videography page.