Our Issue With "Candid" Wedding Video Companies

Our Issue With "Candid" Vancouver Wedding Videographers is they aren't really Candid at all! More often than not you'll be putting your shoes on 3-4 different times as 3 people with cameras (and matching polos) try desperately to get the best angle of your little brother awkwardly touching your feet for the first time in 20 years.

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An Iconic St-Henri Engagement Session

Don’t get me wrong, photography and videography in vancouver has already been a dream.

The air here doesn’t seem to want to kill us, for one. And not to mention I can wear pants for wedding photo sessions without feeling like I’m going to die from heat exhaustion.

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Jesse Smith
Mini Doc: Mike McKenna Jr.

Take a peek into the life of Folk artist, maritime history buff, and marijuana advocate Mike Mckenna jr.

A mini documentary is a beautiful way for your listeners to get an intimate look into your artistic process, and show your unique personality. It’s an essential for any musician’s Electronic press kit. Your best life shows you in your best light with honest and candid musician videography.

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